Avatherm Delivery Thermoboxes

AVATHERM Delivery Thermoboxes
Fast and hot! AVATHERM Delivery offers more than that!

With the AVATHERM Delivery-series you give your establishment prestige and a professional appearance.

The AVATHERM Delivery products convince through excellent quality, a cool design and robustness. The smooth surcfaces allow a perfect advertising space which can be used effectevely to promote your delicious food and services.

Your advantages:

  • Robust & durable
  • excellent insulation
  • gas struts fitted to the lockable hinged lid for easy loading and unloading
  • Cool and fresh design
  • Plenty of external space for advertising – obviously free of cost so use it effectively to make the most out
  • neutral in taste and odour
  • hygienic
  • fitting parts are replaceable
  • Smooth surfaces without hidden angles
  • easy cleaning by hand or machine

AVATHERM Insulated Bags
AVATHERM Insulated Bags are available in different sizes and variations. All of them are tailor-made for the AVATHERM-Delivery-line. AVATHERM thermal bags are ideal from your delivery-vehicle to your customers’ door.

You make a clear statement that your meals are delivered hot and appetizing by using high quality AVATHERM insulated bags with a great design, which in return enlarges the good reputation and prestige of your establishment.

All AVATHERM insulated bags are unheated thermo bags. There is no need for expensive heated bags because of the excellent insulation of the AVATHERM delivery thermoboxes. All AVATHERM insulated bags are made of polyester/nylon which are fourfold insulated. We offer quality to which you can rely on.


  • light
  • highly durable
  • unheated – no extra costs because of technical issues as with heated products and less expensive
  • excellent insulation
  • easy to clean
  • easy to handle
  • space-saving storage
  • with extra holder for order slip and electronic payment device
  • cost-effective
  • attractive design
  • quickly and safely sealed
  • with velcro fasteners
  • robust