Avatherm Bakery Thermoboxes

AVATHERM Bakery Thermoboxes
Specifically developed thermoboxes for bakers and confectioners – providing absolute reliability and hygiene. Whether for the transportation of ice cream, cakes, dough, frozen food products or ready baked products – for some products even ideal for temporary storage.

The AVATHERM Bakery-series offers 2 different thermobox types and other related products such as the AVATHERM dough-box or 60x40cm ABS-trays. The ABS_trays are particularly suitable for buffet platters for ready serving because of their attractive design.

The 2 frontloaders are made of food safe and environmentally friendly polypropelene (PP). They are double-walled with CFC-free polyurethane (PUR), providing excellent insulation.

Resists temperature ranges of -40°C to +100°C.

The AVATHERM Bakery thermoboxes are stackable together. The AVATHERM 660 offers a convenient and safe transport in combination with the AVATHERM Transport Trolleys.

Your advantages:

  • Bakery-tray-size 60x40cm
  • Special cake, pastry or ice-cream transporation box
  • light & robust
  • excellent insulation
  • neutral in taste and odour
  • reliable
  • hygienic
  • fitting parts are replaceable
  • Smooth surfaces without hidden angles
  • easy cleaning by hand or machine
  • with round and foldaway handles
  • reinforced corners for additional stability and strength
  • with insert card holder